*  how we pivot and furrow / arc and catch 

            “compiling a catalogue of gestural transience and dust

I began to feel like a wandering perceiving organ” [Lisa Robertson, Nilling]

§  sheerbone edge

            “the nature and the sensation of desire, it is the distance between us and the object of desire that fills the space in

between with the blue of longing.” [Rebecca Solnit, Field Guide to Getting Lost]

     The Eros of Lastingness & Expansion


            makes the edges of things burn brighter” [Margaret Atwood] 

|   “With minimal gestures, the time of my sensing is repeatedly annexedwhich now lends it folds to thought [Lisa Robertson, Nilling]

    Within its seams subtle shadings of attachments flourishing in immanence

                        / I see delicate fissures carrying storerooms full of hearts 

  gray precipice/ emptied space glowed like heavens, incandescent | contemplating the concept of thin places {veiled}

            inhabited by this alterity

**    “Leaning into chiaroscuro unpleats itself in the interstices of a gestural history” [Lisa Robertson, Nilling]

§§   “I submit to ink. I go into the elsewhere of chiaroscuro/ the lack of transparency, the elaboration of shadow as a medium.” [Lisa Robertson, Nilling]

                                    “absolute unmixed attention is prayer” [Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace]

¶¶   On longing: Of holes, portals, and lack

        “Devotion/ born out of the vastness and depth of our view /

        the opening or the interruption that allows us to experience what is hidden” [Nathaniel Dorsky, Devotional Cinema]

||  “the materials, and methods of making, serve as an invocation of place

     this atmosphere/ expressing gentleness and precision



"to know what is most precious is not rooted in existence. That is beautiful. Why? It projects the soul beyond time

presence is the form of absence" [Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace]